Saluki  Bassers  Bylaws

Drafted by: Travis Strobach

Contributions: Bryan Partak, Dom DiNovo, Joe Fleischuer, Aaron Connor


In the pursuit of satisfying passion, we have convened those that share the same and in doing so have created a bond which will be sustained, so long as that in which we pursue thrives in the waters which we protect, through our honorable conduct, which will be witnessed by all, including those in which we deceive.

Offices and Duties

-The duties established by this constitution are designed to be a guide for those holding offices and can be expanded or constricted, depending on the needs of the club.

-Officers are in charge of establishing when meetings will take place each semester. The Board will take a vote to see what day and time meetings will take place.

-All officers can delegate their responsibilities, except the president. The officers are held responsible for the adequate completion of all their duties and will be held responsible for their actions.

-Officers must attend all meetings except for the advent of an emergency or sickness. Failure to abide might result in impeachment procedures.


-Leads meetings by establishing an agenda, which will be discussed at club meetings. Officially sanctions club meetings, calls for voting, keeper and interpreter of the bylaws oversees officers, in charge of posting meeting and paper tournament times and dates on wiggio.

Vice President:

-Stands in for the president in his/her absence, endowed with all the powers of the president and required to assist all other offices in their duties when requested to do so.


-In charge recording meeting minutes, club merchandise such as: hats, shirts, jerseys etc. Responsible for collection of dues and maintaining club bank account.

Tournament Director:

-Tournament leader and organizer. In charge of making sure the scale is functioning properly, stored properly and is responsible for bringing it to club Tournaments. In charge of bumping fish at all club sanctioned tournaments except for paper tournaments.

Sponsorship Director:

-Club promotions, one editorial per semester submitted to publication and alumni relations. In charge of communicating with sponsors

Web Master:

-Update and manage RSO website and all social media to include Facebook, Twitter, and any blogs.  .


-To be eligible to run for any office, one must be a member of the club for at least one full fall or spring semester, current on all dues and in good academic standing (>2.0 GPA).


-Any member of the club can nominate another member or themselves for any executive position in which they are eligible to hold, however, the nomination must be seconded by another member for the nominees name to be considered for the office..

Election Procedures

-The election shall be held after the summaries have been given and without the candidates present, so to allow for discussion amongst the club members who have not been nominated regarding the character, abilities and fitness of the candidates before the vote.

-The election will be done by the use of a secret ballot and after the members that have not been nominated cast their votes, the nominees shall be allowed to cast their votes.

-Any members can vote regardless of standing in the club, unless a vote is held to exclude the members in bad standing, which includes those that have not paid dues, not in good academic standing, or for any other objective (reasonable) reason.

– Elections shall be held before the first meeting in April

Results of election

-The election must be held with at least fifty one percent (51%) of the club members present to vote.

-If there are more than three nominees for one position, a vote is taken to narrow the field to two nominees.

-If there are three are fewer nominees, the top vote getter after the votes have been tallied is declared the winner of that position.

-The president and vice president are charged with counting the votes and declaring a winner, however, any club member for any reason can ask to see all votes collected, and can not be denied this request for any reason.

-In case of a tie, the vice president will cast the tie breaking vote.

Impeachment Procedures

-Any officer is subject to impeachment at anytime for not being in good standing with the club, violation, or omission of duties, or any objective (reasonable) reason.

-Impeachment can be called for only during official club sanctioned meetings. The impeachment vote must be seconded, after which, the officer can respond to any members’ questions and be allotted enough time to explain.

-The vote for impeachment must be tabled for one week, after which, a vote requiring fifty one percent of members to be present is conducted by secret ballot, and tallying is subject to the rules of elections.


-Dues must be must be paid each semester before the first of official Club Tournament of that semester.

-The secretary is in charge of collecting dues and notifying those that have yet to pay.

-The secretary will also state a reasonable date for which dues must be submitted, before a member can be considered in bad standing.

-Dues are $30 a semester for new members and $25 for returning members payable to the club treasurer.

Club Purchases

-No officer or member can act unilaterally in spending the clubs money.

-A vote must be taken during an officially sanctioned club meeting concerning any club purchases requiring fifty one percent (51%) of members present and a majority vote for approval.

Shenanigans procedures

-Any member found to have been unethical in any way is subject to possible sanctions, which will be established by the members of the club during a meeting in which a member is accusing another of wrong doing.

-The unethical behavior must be deemed to have violated club bylaws, obvious unwritten rules, or any laws which members are subject to in the jurisdiction in which the club has a sanctioned activity.

-To be sanctioned, the wrongdoing must be committed during a sanctioned club event or acting in an official capacity while representing the club.

Bylaw Voting, Deletions, Changes and Additions

-Members must vote to accept the bylaws as they are written, as line items, line items to be altered, or reject the bylaws all together.

-Voting on ratification of bylaws must be done during the spring semester.

-Voting procedures are to be established by all members present at the meeting in which the procedures are discussed.

-Line item deletions, changes and additions to bylaws must be written and proposed to the club. The proposing member must explain the reason for the deletion, change, or addition, at which time members may question the reasoning and then vote or table the issue and vote at a later meeting.

Winnings and prize money

-If a contestant enters a national collegiate tournament (i.e. Boat US event, FLW College Fishing, ESPN College BASS) where there is no entry fee, cash winnings shall be divided as follows:

-After all expenses for travel are taken out and reimbursed to the club, the remainder of the winnings shall be split (70/30) between the winning team (70%) and the Saluki Bassers (30%).  The competitors shall then split their share of the winnings equally (50/50) amongst each other.  This will take effect only when winnings are greater than the amount of $5,000.

-Big bass is split evenly (50/50) between the competitors.

Federation Nation

-The club secretary shall update B.A.S.S with a current chapter membership roster once a year.  This shall be done no later than 10 November each year.

-Names and addresses of new members joining the chapter during the year will be submitted online to B.A.S.S as they occur.

-Maintain 100% B.A.S.S membership.  Members must be a current member of B.A.S.S throughout the tournament year.

-The Saluki Bassers will maintain membership in B.A.S.S and the Illinois Federation Nation.


-Points are only to be allocated during club sanctioned events (qualifiers, club tournaments, paper t’s, meeting attendance, community service, etc.)

-Two categories will be honored and the top point earners in those categories will be deemed the Angler of the Year. The two categories are Boater and Co-Angler.

-A boater is the member, who operates a boat from the bow, ownership is not necessary.  A Co-Angler is a member who occupies the back of the boat while the trolling motor is in operation.

-At the beginning of the semester in which individual membership begins, the member must identify which category they will be competing in.

-If at anytime a member changes the category designation in which they belong, not all points will transfer to their new category. Only meeting, paper T, and community service points transfer. If one switches, one will lose tournament points.

-If a Boater switches to the Co-Angler category, then switches back to a Boater (and vice versa) the only points that transfer with each switch will be meeting, paper T, and community service points.

-In case of a tie for angler of the year, the members which are tied must compete in a fish off at a location (time and rules to be decided by the competing anglers and the Tournament Director).

-However, if the Tournament Director is a competing member, the President shall assume this duty.

-Each participant in the fish off must have an observer.

-The winner of the fish off will be declared the angler of the year for their prospective category.

-Club members will be exempt from Club meetings if the meeting conflicts with their class schedule. In order to receive full meeting points, members must contact the President within 24 hrs after the meetings conclusion to be kept updated about the minutes.


Points System

-Meeting attendance: 20 points

-Club Tournaments

1st place: 100 points

2nd place: 95 points

3rd place: 90 point

4th place: 85 points

5th place: 80 points

6th place: 75 points

7th place: 70 points

8th place: 65 points

9th place: 60 points

10th place: 55 points


-All participants after 10th with fish: 50 points

-All Boaters without fish: 25 points

-Big Bass: 25 points

-If a Co-Angler ‘blanks’ and does not weigh in a keeper fish they will be given zero (0) points.

-In case of a tie, the deciding factor will be big bass. If big bass is tied then first place money is split and first place points are given to both competitors.


Angler Of The Year, Co-Angler Of The Year, Big Bass, and Club Record

At the end of the spring semester the following awards will be given out:

Angler of the Year – Boater with the most points at the end of the season awarded a $100 Strike King credit coucher

Co-Angler Of The Year – Co-Angler with the most points at the end of the season awarded $100 Strike King credit voucher

Big Bass – The single largest bass caught in a competition during the season awarded a $50 Strike King credit voucher

Club Record – This is awarded to the individual if they break the club record for biggest bass ever caught in a competition during a season.  Currently held by Brandon Ringer at 6.34lbs, fall 2011.  If broken this individual will be awarded a $100 Strike King credit voucher.


Community Service Opportunities Points

-At various times throughout the semester opportunities to earn points outside of fishing may become available at various times.  These may include but are not limited to working concession stand duties, working various promotional events, and working boat shows.  Points will be determined by the sponsorship director.  If you sign up for an event to participate you are expected to follow through with your commitment.  Failure to follow through (ie skipping a shift at the concession stand) will result in the individual being docked the points they would have earned otherwise.


General Tournament Rules

1.) Anglers must follow all State Laws at all times. A current Illinois Fishing License is required. If     a contestant receives a ticket of any kind from any type of authority figure, they will be disqualified.

2.) All Anglers must wear a life jacket while the combustion engine is running.

3.) ONLY casting and spinning rods may be used with artificial bait ONLY, with the exception of pork trailers, Berkley Gulp and Gulp Alive. This list is subject to change.

4.) All bass must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner.

5.) Only one fishing rod may be used at a time.

6.) Trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited.

7.) There will be a pre-tournament meeting before safe light.

8.) Anglers may fish anywhere on tournament waters available to the public and accessible by boat, except areas designated as “off limits” or “no fishing” by local, state, or federal law, or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat that was first anchored. An anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position and the trolling motor must be in the down position.

9.) Anglers casting into off limit areas will be disqualified for that day of the tournament.

10.) All angling must be done from the boat. At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish, or to make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Anglers must keep at least one hand or foot on the boat at all times, except in the event of an emergency, to retrieve a lure, to use the bathroom, or to get a boat unstuck to leave an area.

11.) Anglers must leave and return to the official checkpoint by boat (unless consent is given by Tournament Director)

12.) No tournament boat may be loaded on the trailer before weigh-in, except with permission of the tournament director, or emergency.

13.) Take-off will be by shotgun start for boat fields less than ten.

14.) Scoring will be by weight and only Bass (largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass) will be weighed. Limits and Size lengths very from lake to lake and will be explained before each event by the Tournament Director during the pre-tournament meeting.

15.) Boaters are responsible for having an aerated live well, or cooler capable of holding TWO limits of bass and a bump board.

16.) All fish must be returned to the water alive (except for fish weighing more than ten pounds at the anglers consent). A dead fish will result in a half pound deduction per fish.

17.) Late Penalty: One Pound will be deducted from all occupants’ total 1 day weight each minute the boat is late to weigh in. All occupants in a boat will be disqualified after arriving 15 minutes past the announced tournament check in time. The official time will be monitored by the Tournament Director.

18.) Contestants will be allowed one Courtesy bump for each fish.

19.) If a Contestant brings in over their legal limit, they will be disqualified.

20.) All claims of foul play must be made within 30 minutes of the end of the tournament. The Tournament Director will make a decision in regards to the accusations and other 0matters.

21.) In case of a tie the deciding factor will be big bass. If big bass is tied then first place money is split and first place points are given to both competitors.


Paper Tournament Rules

1.) An announcement must be made one week in advance in order for a paper T to count for points.

2.) There must be 3 or more people present at a paper T in order for Points to be given.

3.) Take off and Weigh-in will always take place at the Boat Dock. If a member can’t make it to the start of the tournament (eg.class) they must still start from the boat docks. A late penalty will be given if any member is late to the Weigh-in (5inches deducted per minute late.) After 5 minutes the member is disqualified.

4.) Anglers are limited to the total length of their 5 largest bass.

5.) Measurements will be made by bump board or tape measure.

6.) Points shall be awarded on a boater and co-angler division.  First place will be awarded 15 points, second place will be awarded 10 points, big bass is awarded 5 points, third place and below get 5 points.

7.) Members do not have to enter in the money to fish a paper T.

8.) Money- A side entry fee of $5 may take place. Its winner takes all up to 4 people. When 5 or more people are in for Money 2nd place gets their money back.

For any tournament these rules below apply

1) If an angler borrows a boat and the owner occupies the boat with that member, a co-angler is required to be in the boat. Or the boater fishes alone if no co-angler is available to fish and the owner is not a party on the boat.

2) Co- Angler draw system

-For normal club tournaments (non qualifiers), guaranteed co-anglers will be determined by total points. Points will also be carried over from fall to spring semester. The top 5 co-anglers are automatically allowed to fish. Every spot after the top 5 is a wildcard.  The remainder of the co-anglers slots is chosen through a random drawing where they will be paired up with a boater.  To allow other co-anglers the opportunity to fish, you are not allowed to be drawn twice in a row as a wildcard.

3.)   The No Show Rule

-Any angler who is assigned to fish that cannot make it to the tournament is required to give the person they are fishing with and the tournament director a minimum of twenty four (24)  hours notice before take off that they are unable to fish.  If the tournament director can not be reached then contact the next officer as follows; President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Web Site Director, Sponsorship Director.  If they do not abide by this, they will be disqualified from the event and not be allowed to fish the next club sanctioned tournament.  This is to include any and all qualifiers, FLW, ESPN, Boat US tournaments, and interstate competitions.  The member is them placed on a 365 day probationary period.  The date begins the day the offense occurred.

-If a second offense has occurred during the 365 day probationary period then the member in question will be barred from fishing any more club tournaments during the remainder of the current semester and all sponsorship privileges will be suspended until the first meeting of the following semester.  The member is again made aware of the offense and the applicable punishment as stated in the club bylaws.  The suspension will last the entirety of winter/summer break.  The member will then be reinstated under a probation status for the following semester.  Under a probation status the member is allowed to fish in any and all club tournaments and sponsorship privileges are allowed.

-If a third offense occurs during the same probationary period the person in question is permanently kicked out of the Saluki Bassers and any and all sponsorship privileges are immediately stopped.

Off Limits 

-The tournament waters shall go off limits 2 days prior to the event.  A contestant is not allowed on the tournament water for any reason during the off limits period.  You are immediately disqualified if you are in breach of the off limits period.

Qualifier Bylaws

-All members fishing in club qualifiers must actively participate in at least 75 percent of club meetings.  The first official club meeting will be announced at the beginning of each semester.

-All qualifiers shall be at a minimum two days.

-To be eligible for participate in a qualifying tournament you must have been a member of the Saluki Bassers in good standing for at least one semester (spring or fall) and be present at least 75 percent of all the club meetings.  The first official meeting will be announced by the second week of the semester. 

 -The exceptions to this rule will be university activities such as sporting events (not intramural) and class.

 -If an extenuating circumstance arises it shall be presented to the club to be voted on.  

 Qualifying Tournament ‘Payouts’

As long as funds are available, the ‘payouts’ for qualifying tournaments will be as follows

Boat US National Championship

  • Fuel allowance
  • Lodging allowance for 4 nights during the week of the tournament

ESPN College Bass

  • The qualifying team will be allocated an amount voted upon by the club the last the duration of the summer. This is to include any and all regional events and the national championship.

FLW College Fishing

  • Lodging allowance for one night prior to the event
  • If a participant makes it to the Regional Championship and/or the National Championship lodging will be provided 4 nights (Tuesday through Friday)

For any tournament where a cash allowance is given receipts must be kept and returned to the club treasurer or such designated person as soon as possible.  Any funds not used or funds unaccounted for must be returned to the club immediately.


 ESPN/Boat US Qualifier

1.) This is a team event.  Boaters and non-boaters shall be paired at their own choosing. A boater who does not have a legal boat can for this tournament and this tournament only, pair up with another boat as a co-angler.

2.) All participating members must for the duration of the qualifiers fish out of a legal boat meeting the following standards which are; boats with consoles and a steering wheel, built in gas tank(s), a working kill switch, and must be at least 16 feet in length.  No exceptions what so ever will be made to this rule.

3.) All eligible teams must announce that they are going to fish at least one meeting before the start of day 1 of the tournament.

4.) Boat US Qualifier is total weight after three days and only the top five teams will compete on day three.

6.)  If you do not participate in Day 1 of the qualifying tournament you are disqualified from the remainder of the event.

FLW Qualifier

1.) Any type of boat is eligible to qualify as long as it meets coast guard approved regulations.

2.) Only the top five co-anglers are guaranteed to fish, all others will follow the wildcard draw system.

3.) After two days the top eight anglers with the most weight will be given the opportunity to fish in an FLW College fishing event.

4) After the location of events are revealed 1st place first picks their event, 2nd place picks, etc.